Saturday, March 8, 2008

spring spring spring

Spring stock is arriving daily.  We have just received beautiful linen pieces from pip-squeak chappeau, spring coats and jeans  from erica tanov,  boys shirts and sun hats from kerry cassill and japanese hadagi's from Makie. We also have in sweet accessories from Makie such as bibs and boudoir pillows out of liberty fabric , cashmere critters and leather moccasins. As always we have our assortment of flora and henri lap tshirts and leggings, cashmere sweaters from Lilly Bee, and of course items we create at maude. Our women's pieces have begun to arrive. We have stocked blouses from Erica Tanov and dresses and tunics from Kerry Cassill.  We also have our rare finds....... asian lunch boxes (or tiffins) , hand painted wooden animals, hand made dolls and aprons, vintage buttons, cashmere socks, moroccan slippers, sewing kits, Elsa Beskow books, antique japanese kokeshi, new kokeshi by artist Phoebe Washer.........and  lots of little treasures perfect for spring and easter baskets. Still to come is Dagmar Daley's collection, Rooster nyc, more women's pieces from Kerry Cassill, and leather bags from Dean. 

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